KidsZone 1 – Two years old to Kindergarten
KidsZone 2 – 1st to 5th Grade

Sundays During Service

Offering a place where children age two through fifth grade can discover and develop a passion for God.
Ministry to children is one of the highest priorities at LIVING WORD. Our goal is to capture the hearts of children and point them toward Jesus. We know that love over time is what matters most.  Our time with your children is precious and important and we make the most of it while they’re under our roof. KidsZone offers a place where children from age two through fifth grade can discover and develop a passion for God.

Through worship, teaching, and a variety of fun activities, children are exposed to God’s Word and challenged to grow in their relationship with God. From the time a child is born until they reach their 18th birthday, you have about 936 weeks with them.  

What we do with that time really matters! Part of how we at LIVING WORD make the most of our time with your children is in partnership with you, coming alongside you in equipping your child to become fully committed disciples of Jesus.
Let’s not forget kids are all about fun. It’s their occupation in life. They’re fully committed to it and will work hard to accomplish it daily. If they aren’t having fun somewhere, then they move on to something or someone else that does have it. It’s the secret sauce that makes it possible to win their hearts in ministry.  

Our goal at KidsZone is to have fun while learning about God. This is at the core of everything that we do. So bring along your children, so they can have fun with us!

A Parent Room with live streaming of the service is available throughout the Sunday morning worship service for parents with children under the age of two.

"I love meeting and making new friends"

- Keera Mast

I loved KidsZone so much that I didn't want to leave!  I became a helper so that I could show the younger kids what I learned, and help them on their journey to understanding more about God.

- Judah Isaac

"I love how welcoming everyone is and learning about God!"

- Devynn Mast

"I love that learning about God is not boring
and I met my best friend Breyna there!"

- Hannah Yont

"I’m a kid and I understand what they teach me about God.
 And there is fun time!"

- Matthew Nunez

"I love seeing my friends and playing with them."

- Alanna Baichu

MaryAnne Sadaphal


MaryAnne loves being around and ministering to children and has done so for the past 36 years. She believes that you are never too young to experience the love of God. Her desire is for every child to reach their highest potential in the giftings Father God has instilled in them. She’s passionate about having children exposed to God’s Love and Word and works to creatively communicate Biblical truths to every child through the Children’s Ministry staff and programs. 
By laying that foundation, each child is resourced to achieve the destiny the Father has for their lives. MaryAnne has a Bachelor of Science in Childhood Education and a Master of Science in Special Education, and is a first grade teacher.


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